Annual Fund Drive 2012

The Friends of South Berwick Library conducts an Annual Fund Drive for support of the Library and its programs. Now that we have a big and beautiful space, there are expanded opportunities for the Friends of the Library to support services and programs. While the Capital Campaign continues to raise funds to furnish the building, the Friends will carry on with raising money to help sustain a full-service Library.

Will you take the $10 Challenge? Just a $10 yearly donation to the Friends’ Annual Fund Drive will help us provide equipment, services and programs to enhance the offerings of our Library.  

Please help make our Library a true information commons – the multi-generational heart of our community – with your contribution today to the Friends of South Berwick Library!

Thank you to the following Friends for Donating to the 2012 Annual Appeal!

Jane & Phil Adams
David & Anne Allen
Rev. Gordon Allen
19 Anonymous Donors
James & Andrea Batchelder
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Bonci
Joyce Borkowski
Debbie Briggs
Alice N. Connolly
Margaret Cook
Arilda Densch
Joseph & Paula DuBois
Aime Duclos
Martha Dumont
Karen & Robert Eger
Sally & Maury Elsasser
Cheryl Estabrooke
Cynthia Gagnon
Marilyn Gelestino
Jane & Richard Genestreti
Margaret Gove-Gardiner
Marjerie Hastings
Sara Hubner
Seth LaFlamme, D.C.
Janet and Paul Lagarde
Kathy Landers
John & Jean Loughlin



Peggy & Joe Toton-Mainely Printing
Carolyn McCabe
Lisa & Matthew McColley
Patti Mitchem & Fred Wildnauer
Oakley Family
Wayne and Susan Patch
Aline Perry
Bonnie Peterman
Kara Plank & Family
Joan & Paul Reilly
H Richardson
James & Derreth Roberts
Dante A. Santora
Kelly Martin and Ted Sherbahn
Amy Shorey
John & Maggie Skafidas
Mary & Raymond Snell
Justine Stadler & Dan Blickensdorfer
Doris Stevens
Gretchen & Bill Straub
John & Sandra Sullivan
Jean P. Trafton
Mary Lou Turcotte
Christa & Dick Vermeiren
Gary Walker
Joan Walsh
Donald & Betty Watts
Elizabeth Welch



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